Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gah! Grissini...

This one didn't go so well...

I started out with the greatest of intentions, however, I was again foiled by flour.

Grissini was the next recipe in my book, and I was SO excited to try out my pasta 'machine' that I picked up on sale last week. Grissini is basically a long, skinny, bread stick and I was looking forward to spending the week crunching away one grissini at a time. If you sense a hint of sorrow, you are spot on. I hit a wall...a big wall made out of flour.

The grissini called for 'High Gluten Flour'...unfortunately, what I purchased wasn't actually 'High Gluten Flour' and instead was a pure gluten flour.

So, what started out as this (cute huh?):

...ended up as this (ew!):

A pure gluten laden mess...not at all anything even CLOSE to dough.

I've decided that I need to stop trying to shop at my local grocery store when it comes to an ingredient I've never used or heard of before. I'm seeking out a specialty baking store, or hitting up Amazon to order what I need on the net.

Stop back soon, because I'm trying this one again.....

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