Monday, August 13, 2012

More Fun with Fondant!

In my ongoing effort to learn the fine art that is fondant, I made yet another attempt at some lovely fondant fun!

Since I'm all about baking from scratch now (and I'm trying to get my poop in a group for my Son's birthday party in October), I was looking for a good confetti cake recipe. I found one on Heather's Sprinklebakes site and was revved up and ready to go!

I mixed up my lovely batter and dumped the sprinkles in with glee! This is WAY more fun than that crappy little packet of sprinkles they give you in the box of cake mix! This recipe takes a good 3/4 cup!!

I unearthed a few 8 inch pans, lined the bottoms with parchment paper (makes getting it out of the pan so very easy) and got my batter ready to go:

My cakes came out looking great! I let them cool and got my butter cream whipped up. I'm really digging this recipe I found on Food Network's website. I find that a batch and a half is just enough for two 8 inch cakes.

Now, the last (and first) time I did a fondant cake I ran into issues with creasing at the base of the cake. I rolled the fondant much thinner than the last time, and managed to get the fondant on the cake without incident or creases! YAY Me!

I did, however, run into a bit of a bulging issue around the mid section of the cake. Picture a gal with a muffin top in a pair of low rise jeans. I did some poking around on the net today and found that I need to put the butter cream between the layers about an inch away from the edge and should have probably let the cake settle for a few hours before putting the fondant on. Lesson learned!

Once decorated, this is what I managed to come up with:

My Momma was making tacos across the street and invited us over for dinner last night, and this made the perfect ending to a lovely meal!

The cake was SUPER moist and such fun! I would recommend this over a 'cake in a box' any day!

Want some cake?

Now, for what I've learned today.

I don't really like fondant.

It looks pretty, tastes OK (and that's only after I flavor it), but the texture is a little off putting. I don't like to serve my desserts with the disclaimer "if you don't like the fondant, just scrape it off". I think fondant is great for a wedding cake (here in Wisconsin, we're usually hammered by the time the cake is served), or one of those fancy show cakes; but for something you're actually looking to eat and enjoy, maybe with a scoop of New York Vanilla...meh. Not my thing.  

I've decided I'm going to try and concentrate on making my butter cream look as smooth as possible and decorate it with fondant cut outs for my son's party! I've already started my research and just need to get some more practice in before October 29th!

Tune back in soon, I've about a thousand more pages in my CIA text book and I'm cruising right along!

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