Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My First Macaroon!

I would love to say that I skipped ahead multiple chapters in my baking text book and tackled Macaroons; but that would be a lie. I looked at the macaroon recipe in the CIA text and there was little more than a list of ingredients and some abbreviated instructions.

From what I know of making Macaroons, it's a complicated and delicate process. How else would we wind up with these lovely little footed cookie looking things? So, I visited Heather's blog and found a recipe for French Macaroons. Oh Heather, what would I do without you? I promise...I'm going to buy your cookbook soon!!

It was an interesting afternoon as my husband was wiring up a light switch a few feet from where I was working in the kitchen. I tend to be a solitary creature in the kitchen and seldom have to contend with someone in "my space"; so a few of my photos have some tools in the background.

With the whirring sound coming from my stand mixer and the grinding of my husband's oscillating saw I whipped up some lovely egg whites and sugar;


The folding was fun! I've never been a confident 'folder', but Heather's instructions were helpful! Once I got my batter all set, I tinted it pink (naturally) and piped my little blobs out.
I will admit, I was scared. Scared that I wouldn't get the coveted "feet" on my macaroons. I think I stopped back and stared at my oven more than a few times. When I turned my baking sheet halfway through the baking process, I noticed that I was actually getting some lovely little ruffles at the base of my macaroons!
Once baking had completed, this is what I had:
I whipped up a simple butter cream, substituting my normal vanilla extract for some almond extract I picked up from the Penzeys store in Delafield. It was yummy!
They were a hit! When I brought some over to my sister, she practically ran out of her room when she heard the word Macaroon! My son was a big fan too, he polished off three!

I think now that I've attacked cheesecake, bread and macaroons I'm off to a great start! I've been finding that you just need to get out there and try a new recipe, you might be pleasantly surprised with what you can do!


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  1. These look gorgeous! How would feel about creating a gorgeous macaroon tower for a June wedding in Wausau? I definitely have to try your Macs first. ;) LMK what you think! Thanks! Heidi