Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easy Like Easter Morning...


I told you I’d be back!

Since I promised I would still bake and blog for special occasions, and an Easter dinner with family counts as a special occasion; here I am to regale you with another culinary tale from my messy kitchen!

Now, the hubs and I have caught the good ship “Atkins Diet” and set sail a few weeks ago, I felt that it was only proper to bake, not one, but TWO desserts for Easter! One 'normal' dessert and one 'Atkins' dessert.

The Atkins dessert was easy enough to settle on. We’re both in the earlier stages of the diet and there were only a few recipes for me to pick from. HOWEVER, choosing a “normal” dessert…SO HARD!

I poured over the blogs, cookbooks, Pintrest, you name it; looking for something springy, fresh looking and (for whatever reason) it needed to contain lemons. Lemons seem to equate spring in my noggin!

I finally chose a lovely bloggers recipe for “Lemon Pound Cake

I loved that this recipe was in grams and cups for measurement. I actually prefer baking with my kitchen scale rather than measuring cups. It seems more accurate to me.

It turned out quite lovely and didn’t require a lot of complex ingredients. My only comment was that I wasn’t able to pour the icing onto the cake; I had to spread it on with a cake spatula. I’m sure I could have added some cream or milk to the icing to change the consistency, if I make again, I’ll be sure to do that!

For my “Atkins Offering”, I chose "Decadent Chocolate Cake". A lovely, flourless, little number with a whopping 3.5 grams of carbs that looks quite like a brownie.

The process for making this cake was a tad more complicated than the pound cake, but worth it, nonetheless.

I topped this with some freshly whipped cream (into which I whipped 2 packs of Splenda for sweetness), and the hubs and I were happy to be able to enjoy dessert along with everyone else!

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